One Day Acuvue

Topics: Contact lens, Marketing, Advertising Pages: 4 (1177 words) Published: July 22, 2011
Vistakon seeks to be the leader in providing soft, daily disposable, high-quality contact lenses to the part-time lens user by providing superior quality products through innovative manufacturing and R&D combined with strong advertising presence and trade support.

In 1987, Vistakon, an independent subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, introduced Acuvue, the first soft, disposable contact lens through marked innovations in production and marketing. The “stabilized soft molding” production technique, promising better quality through reducing imperfections, coupled with a dual pronged marketing campaign that “pulled” consumers to enquire about Acuvue through extensive advertising and promotions and “pushed” the product by educating Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) on the product’s superior features resulted in Vistakon dominating the soft disposable contact lens market (with a 18.9% market share) by 1993. To continue building up on its success, Vistakon developed 1 Day Acuvue, the first daily disposable contact lens. However, marketing tests revealed multiple issues with existing product cannibalization (of current products with sales up to $250 million), pricing and positioning, targeted markets, and the optimal marketing campaign. The firm needed to decide if more marketing tests are required to gain more perception into these issues or to embark immediately on a nationwide launch.

Vistakon initially targeted 1 Day Acuvue to three market segments, contact lens dropouts (size: 15.5 million, exhibit 2), patients with medical problems or active lifestyle consumers, and conventional daily wear users (size: 4.6 million, exhibit 2). The western regional rollout indicates that 88% of all 1 Day Acuvue customers utilized contact lenses prior to purchase, a majority of whom used contact lenses in conjunction with spectacles. Exhibit 18 indicates that 1 Day Acuvue was also preferred by college graduates earning $81,000 or more primarily between the ages of 18-45 who...
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