One Child Policy

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Topic: The Family Planning Policy and its Social Impact Since 1978

The Report
Topic: The Family Planning Policy and its Social Impact Since 1978 Introduction:
Since 1979,the Chinese govenment has implemented a new law—Family Planning Policy so as to control the birth rate in the country.For that,each family is only allowed to have one child except in some special cases. In the first part of this report,I will state the situation that China is now facing and also some Pros and Cons of this law. In the second part of this report,I will try to have a case study for Guangdong,and state clearly the situation it’s now facing and provided by some solutions.

Part 1:Research question
A.Background information:
Since 1978,the Chinese Goverment has introduced the Family Planning Policy,also known as one-child policy, to the public.Moreover,this policy was being implemented since 1979. By adopting the Family Planning policy,most of the families who are living in the cities are being stricted that they can only give birth to one baby.According to some of the research,it was shown that about 35.9% of the chinese people are being affected by this policy and birth rate in China was then controlled. Besides,according to a report done by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences(CASS),we were told that the percentage of teenager,who aged 0-14, in 2000 compared with 1970 has been decreased by16.8%.From that,we knew that the Family Planning Policy can really controlled the popullation growth successfully. Moreover,according to the Chinese goverment,the Family Planning Policy will not have much change until 2018. A graph showing the result of the Family Planning Policy (reference:

B.Why did Chinese government adopt the Family Plannig Policy? From the Ancient times,the idea of big family has been introduced already.Most of the Chinese people think that having more offspring is really important and this idea can even be told by the Classic of Poetry《詩經》.From these poems,we knew that giving birth to a lot of babies symbolize the prosperous of a family.Moreover,as these poems were being written more than thousands of years before,it shows that this idea has already become a traditional and it is already deep-rooted in people’s heart. Despite the affect from the traditional, Mao Zedong,one of the leader of China in the past,had once promoted the idea of having big family also.However,he did this not because of tradional,but because of labour.He thought that every people got a pair of hands ,so they can become the labour to increase the productivity of China and so as to increase the economic growth.As a result,he strongly promoted the idea of giving birth to more babies.Once his speech was given out,combined with the traditional culture in people’s mind.The chinese people started giving birth to lots of babies which led to the esplosive increases of population in China. Due to the quick increased of population in China,many problems such as the lack of food,land and some of the economic problems appeared.Actually it is clear that the farmland will never increase,thus the increase of the supply of crops can never chase the increase of population.As a result,China couldn’t “afford”a sudden growth of that much people in a short period. Finally,during the 60’s,the Chinese goverment set up the National Population and Family Planning Commission so as to control the birth rate.In 1979, they promoted a policy—One-child policy.

C.What are the pros and cons of the Chinese Family Planning Policy? Introduction:It’s common that policies promoted by the government get advantages and disadvantages.Same as the others policies,the family planning policy also gets both pros and cons.

1.Pros:the birth rate and the population are being controlled As the population grow rapidly in the late60’s, Thus,there is a must for the chinese...
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