One-Child Policy

Topics: One-child policy, Abortion, Demography Pages: 4 (1587 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Xu Huang
Lauren Zajac
English 100 Persuasive Essay Instructor Draft
15 Nov. 2012
It is the Time to Stop the One-Child Policy in China
In 1979, the Population and Family Planning Commissions of China established a policy, which is the unique policy of China in the world, called the One-Child policy. According to the BBC News in the report of “China Steps Up ‘One Child‘ Policy,” The 'one child' policy stipulates each couple living in the cities should only have one child, unless one or both of the couple are from an ethnic minority or they are both only children, and it will be a permanent policy. Granted, this policy helped the Chinese government control the newborn population and stop fast growth of population; however, some serious social problems associated with the establishment of the One-Child policy occurred, and anxieties or worries from the community arose. Furthermore, much negative news about brutal performing process of the One-Child policy was disseminated and sparked outrage. All of these problems call for the changes on the One-Child policy immediately, and the voice of abandon the policy occurs. Many countries or individuals against One-Child policy for this policy abuse the basic right of human, the right to live. Furthermore, lots of countries in the world prohibit abortion or restrict it very strictly. However, according to the report of “Heave Fine for the Violators of One-Child Policy,” Mingai Zhang states, in China, if a couple violates the One-Child policy, having an extra child, they have to pay more than twenty thousands dollar fine for this child; in addition, double penalization for the third one. Most of Chinese families cannot afford such a heavy fine, and the only way they can choose is abortion, even thought they want the baby. In addition, the patterns to perform the policy are unacceptable and cruel. According to Mcelroy, a 2001 report exposed that a quota of 20,000 abortions and sterilizations was set for Huaiji County and...

Cited: “China steps up ‘one child’ policy.” BBCNEWS. MMIII, Inc., 25 Sep. 2000. Web. 15
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