One Blood, One Race

Topics: Race, Bible, Religious text Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: February 19, 2012
Critical Analysis of One Blood, One Race
Ken Ham did a brilliant job depicting the history of racial intolerance and misconceptions in his book One Blood, One Race using the Holy Scriptures to show where mankind and the church has gone wrong, and what areas we can strive to improve. Ham proves Biblically that all mankind are descendants of one man, Adam, and therefore we are all one race. This reading contains vast amounts of practical knowledge on genetics, but also gives wisdom of how we can interpret this knowledge as we examine mankind and the rest of God’s creation.

The arguments presented in the book are so well backed and thought out that I cannot think of any objective counter arguments. The first argument given is actually a defense from those who think that there were several races during the time of Cain, because he had a wife yet the bible only mentions the names of Adam’s sons. This is typical though, because the bible often does not list the daughters in genealogies. Also the bible does say that Adam and Eve had many sons and daughters. Ham also offers an introduction to genetics so that everybody could understand its importance to understanding different ethnic groups and how over time they have formed. He also proves that genetics is further proof for creation and that all humans have come from one man, Adam. Human DNA can vary as much as .2% from person to person, but only .012% on DNA is what determines outward appearance (skin and eye color, body shape, etc.). This being said, all humans are essentially the same, so it begs the question, “Why are humans so concerned about outward appearance and skin color?”

As Christians we must look at ourselves and the church to see how our views align with the views and facts within the Bible. It has been the norm in all cultures to only marry into that culture, but when it comes to ethnicities, this is wrong. Cross-ethnic marriages should not be feared since people are really the same underneath...
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