One Art Essay

Topics: Poetry, Stanza, Translation Pages: 1 (434 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Poetry is a way of representing a feeling or emotion in a more abstract way because they are difficult to explain. Poets try to state and express what they feel through beautiful ways thats why they write poetry. Elizabeth Bishop is an American poet that wrote “One Art”, one of my favorite poems. She has a unique style of writing, although it involves a lot of details of her personal life, it's known for its highly detailed and objective distant point of view on the personal subject it talks about. She writes about her feelings in a very literal but poetic way, and she is able to express actuality. Poetry is not something that everyone likes to write or read, because it has a lot of different interpretations depending on what perspective it is seen from. In the poem “One art”, the author´s intentions are to show that some things are needed to be lost and that losing stuff should not be taken so seriously. She claims that we become accustomed to lose by working little by little on losing small and insignificant things such as door keys or hours badly spent. This shows that as we lose things, we get used of thing being gone making it easier to lose important and conspicuous things. The final statement of the poem refers to the lost of love ones, that finally is the theme and the ain part of the poem where all she talks about rap up and makes sense. One of the most common devices is the repetition of materialism like on the “door keys” (line 5) and the “mother´s watch”(line 10) that are lost. This device appears mainly on the first stanzas and the purpose of it is to develop the theme of the unimportance of losing material possessions. The most important device for me is irony. This is used at the last stanza when the author says “It´s evident that the art of losing's not too hard to master” (line 18). It is ironic because it expresses the opposite of what Elizabeth Bishop feels. This irony shows that what she tries to express is that she is having a hard time...
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