Once I Was a Shop Aholic Now I'M Broke

Topics: Credit history, Payment, Credit card Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: December 1, 2008
Subject: Writing in Public Sphere.
Professor Bove
Topic: Once I was a shopaholic now I’m broke.
Second draft, 09-23-08
I used to go shopping three times a week. It was mandatory and I need to live. From shirts to shoes to the jeans, books, Cds, electronics, and, not forgetting, the most expensive vacations, all was top of my daily planner list.

Hitting up the malls, fashion stores and boutiques in the city, I dropped hundreds and hundreds of bucks. My adrenaline started rushing, when I saw a shirt or a pair of sneakers that I like. I had to get all the different colors in the same style. I could never go window shopping without spotting something that hasn’t caught my eyes. I felt I would have been regretful if I don’t get it now.

I went shopping when I was mad, sad, or just feeling down. Also, shopping was my main thing when I’m happy, so I can congratulate myself, with a gift or just to have some fun when I’m bored. The love of shopping was my weakness. The more I saw the more I want, it was an addiction. My Grandma always says I need Jesus. One time my dad asked me to pay the rent, instead I was in the line waiting for hours for the i-phone. My obsession with material things was too overwhelming for me.

My bedroom closet was filled with bags of clothes, still with the tags on it and hundreds of sneakers and shoes never worn. I dropped money on DVDs and CDs like there were no tomorrow. I had no respect for the value of money. I used every form of cash to shop with. From my allowance, credit card, my check, it didn’t matter what it took I had to be shopping for something.

However, all good things must come to an end. I have successfully accumulated tens of thousands of dollars of debt, for a habit I can not seem to get rid of. My obsession had left me with maxed out credit cards, to every known department store and Credit Card Company. My expensive taste had led me to endless bills with no payments that I can afford. My credit...
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