Once Upon a Time

Topics: Socrates, Truth, Apology Pages: 3 (398 words) Published: September 13, 2011
Miguel Garcia
Mr. Spector
Philosophy 1010

Apology Questions

1. According to Socrates the difference between himself and his accusers is he is

speaking the truth and the accusers aren’t being truthful.

2. The hardest group of accusers is Antis because they have lied to children

3. Socrates is being charged with corrupting the young and spaking badly about

The Gods.

4. Socrates’ ironic point about Evenus is that they’re proud and conceited.

5. Socrates’ experience with the oracle at Delphi consists of the oracle telling

Socrates there is no wiser man then he is.

6. After hearing the oracle, Socrates plans to find a wiser man than himself to

Show to the oracle.

7. The ironies of Socrates search are he made a lot of enemies rather than

Friends while searching for a wiser man.

8. The major groups visited by Socrates are, Meletus, Antyus, and Lyon.

9. Socrates’ main defense against his first class of accusers is he is speaking the truth

10. Socrates mentions horse trainers because the trainers are good to the horses

11. Meletus’ contradiction is when he speaks about good neighbors do good to

neighbors and bad neighbors do evil to them.

12. Socrates isn’t corrupting the youth intentionally because he is speaking his opinion.
13. Socrates responds to his second group of accusers by telling them not to

prosecute him, but to listen to him.

14. Socrates sees his mission is to fulfill the philosopher’s mission to search into

Himself and to other men.

15. Socrates is like a gadfly because he was brought to the state by God as was

a gadfly was brought by God.

16. Socrates’ service to the state is exhorting virtue to them.

17. Socrates didn’t become a politician because the oracle always forbids him to

do something he is about to do. He wouldn’t have been any use to politics or to himself.

18. Socrates’ distinction about avoiding death and avoiding evil is, to avoid death...
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