Once upon a time

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Once Upon a Shop
The essay is called ”Once Upon a time” written by Jeanette Winterson in June 13, 2010 in “The Observer” The essay is about a woman called Jeanette Winterson and she has just opened her first Fruit and veg shop. She lives in London the east end of London, at Spitalfields where the most of the fruit and veg’s shop is located. Jeanette was actually about to buy a coffee shop, but she wouldn’t do it because of her disbelieves and that she didn’t like the politics about the shop, then later she wanted to open a coffee shop but then the money wasn’t there and she gave up on the coffee shop and found herself a work partner called Harvey. Harvey is a person who works for the enjoyment and not for the money, he made Jeanette’s business even better. When Harvey came he made it easier for Jeanette and people started to enjoy the shop and most of the costumers were Italians. Jeanette was a Vegetarian for 9 years and that because of how the food is made and delivered, not because she didn’t like meat. Jeanette is person that is very helpful and kind of rebel, she hates the way the government controls the shops and want it to be more like the other countries of Europe. In the Jeanette is writing about the building as if it’s very old, which it is. She starts out writing with kind of sarcasm and writes about the historic facts and she knows a lot about the old days. The way she writes about historic, is that we readers feel more comfortable and like know the place and that this is been going for such a long time and it’s still the same and she wants something new, she wants a revolution, yeah a revolution not like the one in France, but just for the small business world. When you read the essay sometimes, you feel like that Jeanette Winterson is a motivation speaker. “Small, sustainable, ethical, modestly profitable, local, co-operative. Go on open your own shop” She is very open to that more people of England should be included in the free market and she...
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