Once Upon A Shop English Essay

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Once Upon a Shop – english essay

Big shops and brands like Tesco are taking over the world. It is not any longer easy to be independent and run a little shop. The essay Once Upon a Shop is written by Jeanette Winterson, who is a British writer. The essay was published the 13. June 2010. The essay is about Jeanette Winterson and her vegetable shop, which is located in Spitalfields in the East End of London. Jeanette Winterson tells in the essay how she opened a vegetable shop instead of being employed in a cooperative brand. She also tells about her passion for running her own shop, and she tells about the challenges and the possibilities by running her own shop and the fact that we still need to be independent.

Jeanette Winterson’s style is a little bit a journalistic style. She tells a story, but she also questioned on the way in which we live. Jeanette Winterson uses words like “we, global, human.” In that way is her language a little bit a journalistic style, because journalists have to write articles which can make a debate, but Jeanette Winterson does not uses a journalistic style, because she is not only objective, but her language has touches of the journalistic style. Jeanette Winterson also uses a subjective style in her essay. She tells her own thoughts about running her vegetable shop. “I started the shop because I believe that working from the bottom up is a good idea,” (p, 10 l,l 249-251). The quote is an example of the fact that she uses a subjective style in the essay. The subjective style in the essay makes that we get sympathy with Jeanette Winterson and we begin to think about the possibilities for running a small shop and be independent instead of always thinking about the money and the jobs in the big brands.

Jeanette Winterson has some arguments in her essay. She uses Toulmin’s model for argumentation, because she has a claim, which she supports with grounds and a backing. The main claim is that the market has change so much by...
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