Once More to the Lake

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acAnalytical Questions Regarding an Argument’s Structure
Once More to the Lake
By E. B. White
Examine the argument’s opening statement? In the first paragraph Mr. White story speaks of a man’s memories in the summer of 1904. This man began to remember trips to the lake he took with his family and of his father. This month long camping trips were an annual event to the lake; in Maine. These trips always took place in the month of August. He talks about, his siblings and himself getting ringworm from some kittens and rubbing Pond’s Extraction on morning and night. His father rolling the canoe over fully dressed. The love he and his siblings have for the lake in Maine was like nothing else they have ever experienced. He also expresses his longing for the lake and its placidity of the lake in the woods. He speaks about how he has a love for salt-water since becoming an adult, but often how he longs for the indecent wind that blows across the afternoon and into the evening when he is out in the salt-water. The memories become so strong that he purchases bass fishing hooks and spinners and takes his son to the lake. What strategy does the writer employ?

Why does the writer employ this strategy?
Examine each section of the writer’s argument. On the trip to the lake, he begins to wonder how time had marred the landscape that he felt was a holy spot with its cove, streams and hills, and the sun set and paths behind the camps. He started to remember many things about the lake such as, early mornings, the smell of the bedroom, how he use to sneak out to the canoe in the mornings to begin his day traveling along the shore line and trying not to disturb the stillness of the water. After spending their first night at the lake, he began to recognize the smells of the cabin, and awaking to his son sneaking out to begin his day on the canoe just as he did as a boy. He began to feel himself think that he was his father and his son was him as a boy. Which, he...
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