Once More to the Lake - Essay 2

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A Summary of “Once More to the Lake”

Jason Mraz
Eng 101
Essay#1- Revision
In his essay "Once More to the Lake", E.B. White shares the story of reliving his childhood memories of going to a lake in Maine. As an adult, E.B. White lives by the ocean and has a love for the salt water, but every so often he get the urge to revisit the lake he knew as a child. One day that desire was strong enough to motivate him to take his son to the same place his father had taken him so many times before. Upon arriving to the lake, White anticipates the changes that may have taken place since his last visit many years ago. During his vacation White notices that although the arrival to the lake was different, as well as the boats which were on the lake, the lake itself had not changed at all.

The commute to the lake had changed from what E.B. White had originally experienced as a child. The trip to the lake was now a completely new experience. Originally, getting to the lake was a long, highly anticipated journey, starting with the train station and loading luggage onto horse buggies which would take them on a ten mile trip leading to the lake. The anticipation would grow as the carriage got closer to the lake. Coming over the last hill to see the lake and other campers cheering for your arrival was full of excitement. Now, there was no train station and there was no carriage ride. The excitement had been diminished by the newer paved road which led to within one half mile of the lake. The road now was the cause of campers to pull right up to their camp and unload in a quick amount of time and without being detected by fellow campers.

Another change which had transpired was the updates of the camp itself. The path to the lake was not the only one that had changed through the years. Walking to dinner on a path leading by the tennis courts White notices there were no longer three tracks in the road, but two. There used to be a...

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Boston: McGraw Hill, 2011. 298-303. Print.
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