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Topics: Sexual orientation, Homosexuality, Christianity Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: January 29, 2014
Have you ever heard of the words Baklush, Aketch itech or Waley? Or names use as a verb like I-Dawn Zuluata mo ko, or Na-Janine Togonon ka na ba? These words are only spoken in the Philippines. Gay Community way back before is not accepted in the Philippines mainly because of our Christian Belief’s. In church, in schools, at the workplace or elsewhere has been a battle ground for the Third Sex Societies. In order to win this hostile battle they have developed a potent weapon that will defend them to tactless words and insults fired by people with strong patriarchal orientations.

For the reason the gay community started a new language to protect themselves, a language that only them, Homosexuals, can understand. Gay Lingo is a verbal sublimation of the gay community against the patriarchy dominance of the people. Gay lingo serves as their code, their sword.

The evolution and expansion of the Gay Lingo in the Philippines is unstoppable. Day by day, new words have been formulated and popularized in the community. As the way Gay Lingo is spoken in a funny way and leaves witty remarks people are starting to get used to it, giving way in accepting the Filipino Gay Community.

In today’s time, not only the homosexual speak this language but also the straight people. Because of the curiosity, the enjoyment it gives almost everyone knows or understand this certain language.

In this paper we will understand on how this language started and its nature. How does this language influences the people ?
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