On the Waterfront and Terry

Topics: On the Waterfront, Elia Kazan, Appeal Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: September 4, 2013
It is Edie Doyle who is ultimately responsible for the, changes in father terry and father Barry. Discuss

In on the waterfront both Terry and father Barry make difficult decisions that change who they are. Beginning with death of joey Doyle, Elia Kazan shows how Edie plays a significant role in reminding the two men of their normal and religious duties to god and the longshoremen although many of these changes are influenced by Edie Doyle, there are some attributes or decisions the two make that Edie is not responsible for. This essay will explore the ways in which Edie encourages terry and father Barry to stand up to Johnny friendly’s mob, as well as the positive decisions they make that are in opposition to Edie’s wishes.

Eddies was certainly responsible for some of terry’s moral transformation. Developing relationship between terry and Edie affects the terry to take the right decisions. But loyal Terry refuses to help Edie as he says “I would like to help but there is nothing I could do”. This shows a stiff terry who is caged in mob of Johnny friendly. Kazan reflects terry as a pigeon who are caged and not fightable with hawks for terry it was the mob. Edie makes him realize that what is right for him. Developing relationship between them leads terry to be a better person. In the scene where Edie and terry talk in the park, as terry tries on Edie’s white glove as it symbolises that terry is almost trying her moral outlook on life. But testifying against Johnny friendly wasn’t easy and hesitated to do what is right. This seen when he asks Edie, “what more do you want me to do?” and she says “much, much more!” In the end it is combination of terry’s feeling towards eddies which convinces terry considering the fact that she is right. Edie passes the Joeys jacket to Terry and symbolise that it is time for him to stand up against Johnny friendly.

Although Edie played an important role in the change in terry. She is not fully responsible. After the help...
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