On the Short Story "Runaway"

Topics: Meaning of life, Personality psychology Pages: 2 (721 words) Published: November 17, 2010
Corbett A
“Runaway” Now, Before the Theme Catches You

Theme is something that can seem different to everyone. It is the meaning of a story or any piece of writing, but we all see meanings differently. There are a seemingly infinite number of themes in just one story and it is hard to choose the meaning that means most to you. In “Runaway” there are multiple themes to choose from and make deductions about. These themes range from how a person associates with themselves and with others, to how does a person’s sexuality change their view of the world? Or even, does a person’s sexuality make them seem like the gender opposite of theirs or are they actually just different emotionally? Well for me the theme I would focus on is how a person’s personality is affected by their views of the people around them and how they incorporate the other people’s personalities into their own.

In “Runaway” Carla has an ever-changing personality that is greatly influenced by the other characters in the story. The reason she has an ever-changing personality is because she craves change. She always wants to go with the most exciting thing and try to make it work. For instance, she ran away from her parents and chose to live with Clark because he was new and he was different from everything in her town and her life. She viewed his personality as something to add to her own. The ability to realize the success of hard work comes from him; the realization that home can be small and dingy but still beautiful also comes from him. She thought his way of life was more fulfilling and that his dreams were better than her own. He also was fun and loving when they first met and lived together and that greatly influenced her view of him. She values his view of the world and wants to make it her own. Basically she wants to get rid of her personality and become an extension of his.

In direct opposition of wanting to become part of Clark’s personality, is Carla’s idea of getting away from...
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