On the Road Book Analysis

Topics: On the Road, Dean Moriarty, Neal Cassady Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Tre Corey Johnson
ENG 111 D03
Mr. Glenn Hatcher
Book Analysis
2 May. 2013

Kerouac, Jack. On the Road. New York: Viking, 1997. Print.
On the Road, the 1957 novel by Jack Kerouac, is the captivating story of opposites Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty who travel across the country for three years. Along the way, they meet strange and inexplicable people, see mesmerizing landscapes and undergo personality changes. Sal is a young refined and intellectual, where as Dean is outgoing, free-spirited, and wild. At the end, Sal and Dean find they have a lot more in common than originally thought. The book begins with Sal Paradise explaining how he was distraught after the divorce of his wife when he meets Dean Moriarty “the perfect guy for the road.” (1) He sees Dean and the fact the way he is tremendously excited by life because of his infectious enthusiasm Sal decides he wishes to obtain the autonomy of the open road. The fact that Sal decides to travel shows that he wishes to get away from his problems. Dean being a shining beacon of joy gives him a feeling of hope that he can make something rather grand out of his current situation. This novel captivates the reader’s attention by sending the characters on many random adventures and always questioning what the newly introduced characters will do, or hear the stores of their past escapades. The situations Sal and Dean get themselves into are quite remarkable. As the novel starts, out Sal sees Dean as a world of opportunity-- a world were one could live care free without the burden of life and responsibility to hold him back. A life a part from the one he lives now, where one can simply up and leave whenever one feels the desire to. The world Sal always longed for. As the novel progresses and Sal descends into Dean’s “care-free world” he realizes that Dean is just trying to get away from his problems, and although the life he seeks is a blast for the short term enjoyment, the cold hand of reality will always pull...
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