On the Lake

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English essay: ”On the Lake”
The definition of a good parent: Is it being the sensible grownup that is the perfect example of how to act properly, or does this interpretation of a good parent also include a “wild” site which allows breaking the rules from time to time for the fun of it? “On the Lake”, by Olaf Olafsson 2008, he reviews the problem of being a responsible adult and a good role model, and yet being able to be an interesting and fun person to be with.

It is a typical novel genre text, by the in medias-res, the short period of time the story stretches on, the few characters and by the “open” ending of the story.

The main theme in the short story is being a good parent. By this not meaning doing what is the safest and the right thing to do, but doing what is fun and exciting for your children. This is being expressed in the act of wild cruising on the lake. This is neither a safe nor a responsible thing to do, but it is fun for the son, although the cruise almost took a fatal turn, by capsizing. Afterwards it is about whether or not Oskar is to blame for this accident, which he tries to avoid at his very best by blaming Vilhelm (p.4, ll. 35-36) whenever he mentions the episode, serving scotch or by offering a game of cards.

It the story, it seems as if Margret is very overprotecting towards Oskar. She sits with him till he fall asleep, and constantly checks on him while he is sleeping, listening to his breath takes, and if she can not hear it, she puts her ear to his mouth and nose (p. 2, ll. 2-6). This persistently surveillance is caused by the near drowning experience her son just had. Oskar is still very young, 6 years old, and is still not aware of what is best for him, and is not capable of estimating the risks and dangers by his actions. He saw how Vilhelm was sailing, and wanted to do the same, unaware of the danger by doing so.

Vilhelm plays a crucial in the outcome of this story. Not only he is responsible for the rescue of...
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