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On the Job Training

By liquior1223 Mar 05, 2013 453 Words
Nature and Importance of On-The-Job Training
On-The-Job Training (OJT) is one of the subjects in the B.S. Information Technology Program wherein students are exposed to various activities in the field of Information Technology. This is possible through coordination of the College with the different agencies concerned in the various field of Information Technology. The setting of the field practice resembles the picture of real work areas such as office, field works and others. The student act as members of the staff of the agency and perform different duties and responsibilities under supervision while learning. The adviser of the student-trainee, Mr. Gerry M. Laylo made an inquest to the agency if they are admitting IT student trainees. After few days Mr. Laylo got an affirmative reply fro NEDA IV-B¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ MIMAROPA –Division Mr. Laylo said that the trainees will arrive and will start the trainee at November 2010.

On the said date the trainees came with the IT Coordinator, Ms. Jennie D. Tamares. On the same day, the trainees were introduced to Mr. Joel Paule, the person who was assigned in admitting student trainee. The trainees were oriented about the agency. On the next day Mr. Paule assigned the student trainees to their respective departments for training. It is through on-job-training that the students were given the opportunity to participate in actual work in field of computer. In computer practice, the trainee is able to work and meet other people who can help and improve his personality. The experience gained in the computer practice encouraged, helped and provided the trainee better development of skills and decision-making particularly in computer of Information Technology, a give-and-take relationship between the employees and other worker is established and thereby practical knowledge in computer is achieved. Most importantly, On-The-Job Training is a means of acquiring and developing work values so that the trainees may face their future challenges with diligence, sense of responsibility and confidence.

Objectives of On-Job-Training
Generally the On-the-Job training aimed to enhance the skills of the trainee to become more efficient and effective in Computer Technology and be well trained as an IT officer in the future. This on-the-job training aimed to:

1.apply theories, concepts and principles in trouble shooting, as well as formatting, operation and maintenance the computers 2.acquire innovative skills and techniques required in the practice of their profession God-given potentials, physically, mentally, morally, and emotionally through the familiarization of actual office practices and protocols. 4.become efficient, effective and proficient in the field of Information technology and aspire to be an expert Information technology in the near future.

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