On the Job Training

Topics: Training, Construction, Skill Pages: 10 (3694 words) Published: October 16, 2012
CQT Avenue, Salawag, Dasmariñas City, Cavite

Department of Industrial Technology
October 2012


Submitted by:
Kent Adrian S. Segovia
Architecture Technology

Submitted to:
Prof. Graciano G. Feraer
Head, Industrial Relations and Job Placement Office

I. Introduction
More than being just another necessity for students, Supervised Industrial Training or SIT is one approach by which students is given a prospect to utilize the theories and computations that they have learned from the school. It also benefits the students to acquire relevant knowledge and skills by performing in actual work setting. Colleges and universities require their students to undergo such training within a specific number of hours as part of the curriculum. It provides opportunities to go through the actual methodologies of a specific job using the real tools, equipments and documents. In effect, the workplace becomes a development venue for a student trainee to learn more about his chosen field and practice what he has learn from university. Supervised Industrial Training is an important opportunity for students to seed their careers in a particular industry; or alternately, it may help students to clarify which sector of the industry they wish to pursue a career in. It works to develop an individual’s sense of professionalism by experiencing firsthand the industry's culture and practices; learning from professionals their roles and responsibilities as active professionals. It is here our technical skills as well as our ability to take on and handle given responsibilities and make sound decisions that will strengthen our prospects. It is therefore not uncommon for us students who rise to the challenge to be offered a continuing position after their initial supervised industrial training period. Alternatively, an efficient OJT program furthermore benefits the companies who accommodate trainees. Initially OJT or intern offer further manpower for a slighter compensation than a regular member of staff. Majority of them are all dedicated to be trained so probabilities are high that they will cooperate. Managers can make use of this internship strategy as a scheme in recruiting new employees. Given that the supervisor can keep an eye on the trainees’ development, he/she can determine based on performance, actions and approach if the trainee will make an excellent recruit after the completion of his internship. In Addition, OJT’s are capable to convey bright fact into the group. Known the chance to verbalize their mind liberally and with no apprehension, they perhaps able to contribute substantially in suggestion gathering or research and sooner or later help develop the company’s productivity. At the same time as teaching the interns, supervisors are actually also training their member of staff to development of guiding the trainees broaden their persistence, widen teaching expertise and make them supplementary aware to the requirements and state of mind of the adolescent. The path of supervision as well explains them how to contribute what they know and be sympathetic to enquiry. For this reason, the internship additionally turns out to be an opportunity in training for the future managers of the company. Obliging on SIT can exceptionally be beneficial not only to the trainees but also to the companies that endow with opportunities for this kind of learning. This is also why trainees should undergo their SIT seriously as it may turn out to be a dominant tool and perhaps even a basis of proposal as soon as they acquire that huge raise for being students to career professionals. But most important of all, it is one of the best training methods because it is planned, organized, and conducted at the actual worksite. SIT will generally be the primary method used for broadening trainee skills and...
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