on the death of moth

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On the Death of the Moth
胡逸凡Fanny 11321031
I’ve read about the Chinese version of the story in high school, and actually I didn’t understand what the author’s point is. After I learnt about Virginia Woolf’s life experience and got to know the writing background, I have a more profound understood of the story. The essay is divided into 5 paragraphs. The focus of the first paragraph is the natural environment. Firstly she talked a little about moths that fly by day and naturally led to the description of the environment where the narrator is in. The author described so much about the pleasant weather that day and the atmosphere which is full of vigour that we can have a vivifying feeling. At the end of the paragraph, she depicted a picture of a vast net of rooks and naturally connected with the second paragraph, which had focused on a little moth’s action and the narrator’s feeling about the moth. The moth that keeps fluttering from side to side attracted the narrator’s very attention and aroused many thoughts in her mind. She said the moth was little or nothing but life at the end of the second paragraph and at the third paragraph she turned to another aspect and mainly talked about something marvelous as well as pathetic about him. In the fourth paragraph, the narrator separated herself from her thoughts and focused on the moth’s dying process. The last paragraph talked about the moth’s final struggle against death and the inspiration the narrator got from watching it. Each of the five paragraphs is closely related to one another. Every beginning and ending of the paragraphs provides contextual information and had a connecting link between the preceding and the following part of each paragraph. The narration is very smooth and fluent. Woolf modified the linear chronology of the narrative in the article. Firstly, the whole story was told by time sequence. Secondly, the description of the moth’s dying process was also in chronology order. Last but not least,...
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