On Site vs Online Classes

Topics: E-learning Pages: 4 (1155 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Moala Alipate
Professor Amber Musick
June 9, 2012

Online Courses vs. On site Classes

In assessment of online and classroom (on-ground) knowledge gives specific students that has interest according to how they learn. Taking online classes for me works so much better because I can go at my own pace. After doing some research online I found that there is a debate regarding the matter of online classes vs. traditional classrooms. At a point in time I recently had a debate on their opinion in classroom learning and the online classes. Their opinion has given me a better understanding on the format in relation with on ground classroom setting. Although I feel strongly about my online courses my friend says they will never stop attending school on site. As I continue on I will state the difference of the classroom setting, online classes, and the summary response towards from the textbook. As well as, give some example of the differences between older and younger students attending traditional classroom and online classes.

The classroom setting has human contact which might be better for interaction purposes. With the professor there in person they can better explain things that might get misunderstood through typing in an email or on the class discussions. This could also be said for the classmates in your class, who are trying to make their point understood. A classroom for some has less distraction which makes it easier to do class work, reading assignments, and homework that may not get done due to work schedule or life’s unexpected turns. Also a classroom setting has more of a community feeling, everyone bands together to understand one another and their differences. For example, when you’re asked to participate in group activities you try and co-inside with your teammates in order to get a reasonable grade even if your opinions are different.

As an online student I find it very easy to study and process all information that is needed....
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