On-site daycare at colleges

Topics: University, Day care, Early childhood education Pages: 2 (371 words) Published: May 20, 2014
On-site daycare at colleges
Finding daycare can turn into a big nightmare for those parents that have a job or attend school. Many colleges and universities have taken this statement into consideration, and have decided to open on-site daycares on their campuses. While some students are totally against it, having on-site daycare at college would benefit students, staff and faculty members with children. An on-site daycare would not only allow parents to be closer to their children but also help them financially and aid in the creation of new jobs. The biggest benefit of having an on-site daycare is proximity. For most parents, having their children close to them is really important. Parents get to see their sons or daughters between classes or breaks, which would not be possible if they were dropped off on a regular daycare or left at home with a babysitter. Also, in case of an emergency or a child getting sick, parents can be easily contacted and would reach the child within minutes. In addition, having an on-site daycare would allow parents to save some money. While most daycares charge a flat fee, an on-site daycare charges by the hour, making it possible for the parent to bring in the child only when childcare is necessary. Gasoline is also another expense that would decrease, as students and employees would bring their children to college with them, requiring no extra trips. Finally and just as important, opening an on-campus daycare would aid in the creation of jobs. Not only would this be a great opportunity for those students or faculty that have some extra time in their hands to work full or part time, but also for those students majoring in early childhood education. This could give those students the availability to volunteer and obtain helpful training while they fulfill their academic requirements. In conclusion, students, faculty and staff members with children would benefit from on-site daycare at college. However, not all colleges count...
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