On English Language Teaching in China and Cultural Awareness Education

Topics: Culture, Dialect, Chinese language Pages: 4 (1348 words) Published: November 3, 2012
On English language teaching in China and cultural awareness education

Abstract: Language is an important tool of communication, but also the important and prominent cultural component parts. The different nationality's language bother ceives the national social culture, but also reflect constraints of the specific cultural content. English Teaching in China have to strengthen cultural consciousness education, clear the relationship between language and culture, and highlight the differences between Chinese and western culture. Papers keywords: English teaching, cultural consciousness, coupled phenomenon, the differences between Chinese and western culture Linguists wolff (M, paulson Wolff ) once pointed out, "in the contact with foreigners, the native speakers generally can tolerate speech or grammatical mistakes, instead, to the speech often considered the violation of the rules are not polite, because his own people is unlikely to realize social linguistics relative." That is to say, if we go against the national language habits native speakers will offend each other, even causing conflict, causing both emotional unpleasant. Such as Da Shan (he is an famous Canadian in China ) using the Beijing dialect in pure fluently and asked a old man "how old are you," the old man's reflect the imagined. Because everyone from da shan's natural and fluent spoken Chinese, will think of he should have mastered "what's your honourable age?" which will never be an accident. If a new learner of Chinese, with thick anglicisms asked "how old are you,", we will be able to understand him. Because we think he even can't speak Chinese well, probably still not understand Chinese language habits and cultural customs. Therefore, we should pay attention to the English teaching in China, and the relationship between language and culture. Sensitivity about and adaptability to the differences between Chinese and western culture should be improved. We should also establish cultural...
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