On Caring Nursing Essay

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On Caring

The metaphor of caring is the cautiously attentiveness carefulness of mindfulness of supervising of strangers. The metaphor of caring if the trust, professional, mutual respect, caring, partnership the giving of self to others to regain their trust for us to do our duty as a registered nurse to provide for our own survival while hoping to get a flow of a great amount of people at risk of their survival for us not to be sent home for not being busy with, dying, sick, patients is to truly give us a chance to show “On Caring”

In The book states page 12 second paragraph “The remarks about the growth of a person which follow are rather general; on a more concrete level there would be differences depending on whether we referred specifically to the growth of a child to maturity, the growth of an immature adult to maturity, or the growth of a mature adult. But that would lead us to have and be ourselves of what nursing school has done for us other than that we would be sole individuals showing our individualism of going through nursing of being sleep deprived, altered mental status, ineffective coping through two years of training to absorbed and add to our growth “of an immature nursing adult to a mature” to a “MATURE AND NURSING ADULT” .The inimical expectation of the” nursing school farm” (as in a barricade of sheep’s),because we want to remain individual. But the classroom will teach us a language in common. But the classroom will teach us a method that implicates us with each other in the way we would care for our lack of taking care of our health or own primitive life to the lack of fidelity to our distressed counter transference showing patients..But we all will be recognized that we belong to certain creativity the function of or to be a Nurse a “Registered Nurse.”

Some points in the book touched me page 11second paragraph ”The father who goes for the doctor in the middle of the night for his sick child does not experience this as a burden; he...
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