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On Being A Democratic Country

By dsjerleneu Feb 24, 2015 324 Words
Democracy is not a government; it is a way of thinking, a responsibility. In a democracy there is no corruption in power because it is a transparent system: the governing doctrine states that citizens have the right to access the documents and proceedings of the government, which allows for effective public oversight. It is a form of government in which people rule themselves directly and continuously. It is a society based on equal opportunity and individual merit rather than hierarchy and privilege. The Philippines calls itself a democracy, but there are some fundamental flaws in the Philippine political system, which have allowed all of the country’s problems (to a degree) to occur. First of which is the failure of the political actors to be a transparent government in the society. Politicians took advantage of the illiterate people to manipulate every action in the government. Filipinos e required to pay for their taxes; however, they do not have the idea on where do these taxes go. In other words, the citizens feed only the political actors but not themselves. In most democracies there is a process of increasing the number of representatives proportionally to any increase in population. For some reason, in the Philippine political system, this has not happened. The population of the Philippines continuously grow but our representative remains the same number. If you live in a democracy with one elected representative, that is no democracy at all. Think about it: how do you get your voice heard if you are a citizen or company when you are 1 in 4,200,000? Simple: you don’t. So you give gifts, or do favors and breed corruption. It is very doubtful to say that Philippines is a democratic country. It has violated many conditions of democracy. If we can’t consider it as a democratic country, then we can say that we have an elitistic form of government where elitist and other wealthy people rule the country.

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