On Becoming a Writer

Topics: Writing, English-language films, Writers Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: May 14, 2012

In “On Becoming a Writer,” the author, Russell Baker, expressed his interest in writing as a way of thinking about himself and forming an identity. “The only thing that truly interested me was writing, “he states. “It was the only thing for which I seemed to have the smallest talent…” Even though he used to dislike English classes in high school, in his third year, the chance of being a writer knocked on his door. When Mr. Fleagle, the English professor, with an out of date look and behavior, took over the class, he brought on an opportunity to Russell to realize his talent and stay with open eyes for the future. Mr. Fleagle introduced to the class an assignment, an informal essay. The choice of topics was “The Art of Eating Spaghetti.” “This title produced an extraordinary sequence of mental images.”Russell says. “Suddenly I wanted to write about that…” The author wanted to write this essay not for Mr. Fleagle, but for himself, for his own satisfaction, as a way to recapture and hold forever this dear memory. Even though he realized the possibility of getting a failing grade, he took the chance and submitted his assignment to Mr. Fleagle. “Two days passed before Mr. Fleagle returned the graded papers, and he returned everyone’s but mine.” The author’s suspense didn’t last long as Mr. Fleagle kept his essay last, and started reading it to the class. “My words! He was reading my words out loud to the entire class.” At that minute, Rusell Baker experienced his happiest moment of all school years, which gave him the confidence and opportunity to simply become a writer. “…Mr. Fleagle had opened a door for me.” “On Becoming a Writer” is an essay for the students, who are interested in writing but are afraid to face their desire, because of doubt or not taking writing as a real job. It is an essay for the teachers, showing them how much of an impact they have on a student’s future. It...
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