Olympic Games

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The cost of modern Olympics far outweigh the benefits. Argue your position.

The foremost celebrated world sports competition is undoubtedly the Olympic Games which hold quadrennial , featuring both summer and winter competition ( Wesley , 2012). It provides a worldwide stage for athletes from different nations to showcase their excellence. It is in additionally symbolizes an ideal and peaceful world . Nonetheless, the question of whether it is still worth hosting has arisen as the Games grow bigger. This essay will argue that the costs of the modern Olympics far outweigh the benefits in four aspects respectively, including economical , social , political and environmental consequence with respect to the impact on the host city.

There are numerous of drawbacks are brought to the economy of host countries by the Olympics. Financial costs are incurred when preparing, hosting and after the Games, yet the costs are not able to be offset by the profit and the Games become a heavy financial burden according to The Economist (2007).Simply bidding for the host position could cost a country over 10 million. It is estimated that 12 million is cost for New York to bid of the Games, host country is not the only country that could be affected (Baade and Matheson, 2002). Moreover, after winning the bidding, further expenses must be paid in order for the venues, accommodation, infrastructure, transportation to in good condition to allow the Games to operate without hindrance. For the 2008 Games, Beijing spent $200 million to demolish obsolescent houses and $3.6 billion to transform itself to a digital city (Baade and Matheson, 2002).Despite bringing improvement to society ,government expenditure increases dramatically and an excessive amount of resources are used up. Others argue that, a legacy of world class facilities that left behind offers expansion and renovation to existing facilities according to The Economist (2007). These facilities, however, involve high...

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