Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Developmental psychology, Psychology Pages: 4 (3133 words) Published: October 31, 2014
Sequence development is that children across the world seem to pass through similar sequences in development, but they pass through in different way and different rates according to their culture. Some childrens sequence can move rigidly because this can be linked to their age some children will start to sit, then crawl, then stands and then walk, but in fact this might not be the case because some children dont crawl such as blind children the most and other children. To assess the childs sequence and rate you will assess this on their milestones and their development stages (also age). Milestones and the childs stages in development shows what the child can do at a particular age. Rates of development is that its important to be aware that normative measurements can only indicate general tends in development in children across the world. It is important to understand that the childrens sequence and rates/ speed of development can be vary of a great deal. If a child is ask or learning things earlier then their milestones suggests it doesnt necessarily mean that they will be outstanding or gifted in any way, as they might not understand you. Some parents think that if their child speaks early, potty trained early or walks early they think that the child should be gifted in some way. You have to be extra careful in situations like this because the child might not be gifted for it. With some children who have special educational needs often DANCE the development ladder because they may move through sequences in usual and uneven ways. For example a child may walk at the right age but might not talk at the usual age. Why theses difference are important They are important because it helps the adults and child care settings to be more aware of the childs development stages and what speed they can develop at using their milestones to help them. Also child care settings can be aware of how the children develop and what stages they are at. 3. Give an explanation of...
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