Oliver Twist Themes

Topics: Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens, Workhouse Pages: 4 (1007 words) Published: December 22, 2011
The problem of the study
Oliver twist is a unique play which all of us read it or at least have watched it . but it was not written for enjoyment however, Charles dickens in this play is attacking the church regime . Most of the English writers evade to state that dickens is against the religion. So the most of the western writers or even educational sites don’t mention that . according to SparkNots editors the main themes were The Failure of Charity and The Folly of Individualism. There for, this study aims to determine the main theme of this play . so the researcher hypotheses are : 1. the main theme is church corruption

2. the main theme is poverty .

Need for study

Unfortunately, all of the writers who wrote about oliver twist themes such as shoomp, 2011 ; ---------------------------- ------------- focused on other themes such as poverty, Criminality, Mob mentality and Society and Class. However, they if they talk about religion as a theme they deal with it as a minor one . so it is clear that they neglected the major theme which dickens wanted to focus on therefore, this study is concerned with this main theme which is church corruption and it will discuses other minor themes like poverty .

Purpose of the study
This study aims at achieving the following objects:
1. Determine the main theme of the study.
2. Discussing the main theme.
3. Discussing other possible themes.
To achieve these goals , the researc her distributed a questionnaire among 20 students from the IUG. In the academic year 2011/2012.

Validity and reliability of the questionnaire
For the validity, the researcher asked his colleagues at the department of English at the Islamic university to give there opinion about the questionnaire items and and to which extent do the questionnaire serve the aims of the study . these students who studied oliver twist made a good feedback .however, five of the students have not any idea about the...
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