Oliver Twist

Topics: Charles Dickens, Nancy, Victorian era Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: February 25, 2014
Nowadays Charles Dickens's Oliver Twist, or, the Parish Boy's Progress is usually known just under Oliver Twist. Is this boon or bane? The subtitle of Oliver Twist or the Parish Boy's Progress gives the potential reader a hint about what the story will be about. Even if someone never heard of this book goes into a book store and reads the whole title, knows that it is about a parish boy who is likely to be Oliver Twist and his evolution from the beginning until the ending of the book. Thus, we can say that the subtitle of Oliver Twist or the Parish Boy's Progress indicates that Charles Dickens wanted the story to be representative of a general pattern. Dickens starts his novel in this kind of milieu which was typical for the Victorian Age which would be appropriate to his concern, whereas in the final chapters of the novel, when Oliver's birth got unraveled, Oliver certainly ceased to be a Victorian parish boy. Oliver went through a lot of things and his life has been nothing but a dilemma until a certain point. He had ill fortune from the very beginning of the story and he has met lots of bad friends and traitors but from the point Oliver Twist first met Mr. Brownlow, things were starting to get better. The parish boy had to go through one more hell when he got forced by Fagin and his accomplices to steal from Mr. Brownlow's book store who trusted Oliver like no one before. In the end the intrigue got unraveled and things all turned good for the protagonist because he got adopted by Mr. Brownlow to which he - as I already mentioned before - got an extraordinary relationship. For some kind of reason the subtitle The Parish Boy's Progress was a boon. Especially back in the days when Charles Dickens first published it in 1837 in the Victorian Age. The industrial areas were much overpopulated and it was hard to find a working place. Child labor became one of the biggest problems during this time period. There have also...
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