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Jason Certilman
Book Review
Oliver Twist

"Please, sir, I want some more"

Born into an England workhouse in the 1830’s, Oliver Twist, a nine year old boy makes it big while encountering interesting and malevolent characters along the way. On the run for most of his childhood Charles Dickens depicts Oliver Twist as an innocent young man. His adventures make him the best of friends and the worst of enemies. Despite being forced to commit crimes along with being wrongfully accused of crimes, characters within the novel see Oliver as something else. As the title of this review suggests as well as being a famous quote from this novel for many generations, Oliver Twists’ saying “Please, sir, I want some more” (12) emphasizes the harsh cruel conditions within the workhouse.

To help understand the harsh conditions present at the time this novel was written, Charles Dickens in the novel Oliver Twist, depicts a consistent theme throughout the novel. Present in England during the time this book was written was the underlining theme of Good vs. evil. Dickens exposed the cruel treatment of children in London in the 19th century. Oliver, maintaining a healthy conscious and always eager for others to accept him represents the good in this 19th century novel. On the contrary Fagin, also known as “The Jew”, represented pure evil. Fagin had no true warmth. Letting nobody and nothing stand in his way, all he sought after was more power.

Successfully this book reads as a
Dickens was extremely critical
The author's deficiencies as social historian in no way diminish the general appeal of this book. Fagin’s description throughout the book built on his character. While reading the book I couldn’t help hating him.

Without reservation, I heartily recommend this book.

Innocent - Oliver's innocent nature prevents him from recognising this hint that the boy may be dishonest. Dodger provides Oliver with a free...
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