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The greatest writer in English fiction after Shakespeare is unquestionably Charles Dickens. Three of his most memorable characters are Fagin, Bill Sykes and The Artful Dodger, villains all, from one of Dickens' most famous books....Oliver Twist, of course. Oliver Twist was Dickens' second novel published in 1838 and is, and was, an important work that highlighted the many social ills of Victorian England particularly the cruel treatment of children. The story and the characters based in part on Dickens' own early youth as a child laborer are as familiar to us as any work of fiction ever written. Our memory and appreciation of the story has been further enhanced by the fact that Oliver Twist has been the subject of several film and television adaptations, both British and American, and is the basis for the highly successful, but sanitized, Lionel Bart musical play and the multiple Academy Award winning 1968 movie version.


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Oliver Twist
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British playwright, author, and director, Neil Bartlett who previously adapted Dickens' Great Expectations and A Christmas Carol, has instead captured the dark, grimy world of Victorian London using only Dickens' original words. Following the play's premiere (to much critical acclaim) in London, Bartlett wrote “the first decision taken was that the adaptation would be made out of Dickens’ original language and nothing but. Indeed, the extraordinary energy and volatility, the sadistic black comedy and sheer dramatic guts of Dickens’ actual sentences are the raisons d’etre of this piece. I wanted the show to be as alarming, compelling and as wickedly comic as Dickens’ words are.”

This past weekend the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey launched their Fall...
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