Oliver Cromwell a Hero or a Villain

Topics: Oliver Cromwell, Charles I of England, Charles II of England Pages: 4 (1393 words) Published: September 15, 2010
Oliver Cromwell was born in 25 April 1599 in a town in England called Huntington. He went to school at Huntington Grammar School then went to Sydney Sussex Collage at Cambridge. He studied law at Cambridge and then went to London and became the MP for Huntington in 1628 and MP for Cambridge in 1640. In 1630’s Oliver Cromwell became Puritan due to a religious crisis and started to become a Radical Puritan when he elected to represent Cambridge, first in the Short parliament, then in the Long parliament. In Parliament, Oliver Cromwell was a strong critic of King Charles the 2nd and in 1642, when King Charles the 2nd started the English Civil War, Oliver Cromwell started to raise troops and joined the Parliamentary forces, fighting against King Charles the 2nd. It is in the English Civil War where Oliver Cromwell gains his renown and fame.

In the beginning of the English Civil War, Oliver Cromwell became a cavalry commander. Even though he had no military experience, he had a good knowledge of horses due to his experience of being a large landowner. Oliver Cromwell rose thought the ranks really quickly first a colonel in 1643, then in 1644, Oliver Cromwell became Lieutenant-General of the 
Eastern Association Army and in 1645 he became Lieutenant-General of the New Model Army. The reason why Oliver Cromwell became such a good cavalry commander is because he knew a well-disciplined army is very important in war.

Oliver Cromwell first noticed that Prince Rupert's cavalry were not very well disciplined and they do not rally after a charge, instead, Prince Rupert’s cavalry just pursuit their own targets. In the first major battle in the English civil war at the battle of Edgehill, Prince Rupert’s cavalry did not return to the battlefield until 1 hour after the initial charge at the Parliamentary forces in which Prince Rupert’s cavalry horses did not have the strength to mount another charge against enemy forces. Oliver Cromwell saw Prince Rupert’s cavalry tactic...
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