Oliver Cromwell

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History Essay

Oliver Cromwell-Hero or Villain

Oliver Cromwell was one of the leaders of the parliaments army in the Civil war. Some people think that Cromwell is a hero but others think he is a Villain.

Puritans think Cromwell was a hero because Cromwell, Himself was a puritan. During the war the soldiers thought he was a hero so they made him cheaf-in-command.

The Church of England and Catholics thought that Cromwell was a villain. When Cromwell brought the army into parliament, many M.P's thought he was behaving like Charles 1 and ruling through the army, and being tyrant.

In source B it says that, the kings army ran away from them and his command had beaten all the Prince's horses. Cromwell also won the battle at Marstoon More in 1644. This source is reliable because it came out the horse's mouth.

In source C it says that, Cromwell feels that the king shouldn't have been killed, but he had to. He visited the king dead body and then walked away hidden in the shadows. This source is quite reliable because someone who wrote it was alive during this time.

Some of the sources we looked at were reliable like when; Cromwell went to see the king's dead body. But some are not reliable at all. Like when they tried to make out that Catholics were bad, is propaganda.

My opinion is that Cromwell is a hero because he tried to like everyone the way they were. And only changed rules because he had to make peoples life better or though it didn't. He killed Charles 1 because he had to, if he didn't. Charles would have keep on ruling badly.

By Jazz Honey
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