Olive Garden Case Analysis

Topics: Olive Garden, Nonverbal communication, Customer service Pages: 3 (971 words) Published: October 17, 2011
Case Analysis of Olive Garden Restaurants Division
Brief Overview
On Tuesday evening around 8:15 pm, Mr. Martin A. Wallace accompanied by his father and two daughters, entered an Olive Garden Restaurant expecting to be greeted with a friendly smile and great customer service. This was not the case. Instead, Mr. Wallace was not greeted by any host/hostess, but instead an empty station. After waiting about ten minutes, he went to the bar to find someone to seat him and his family. Only then did a hostess take them to their table and appeared to be annoyed. The hostess tried to seat them in a section that was not possible for Mr. Wallace’s father to get to easily since he is handicapped. After a short conversation, she then took them to a dirty table and just tossed the menus on the table without waiting for them to be seated. When his family picked up the menus, they noticed one was a lunch menu and the other girls did not receive a children’s menu. It took Mr. Wallace another 15 minutes to have a waiter take their drink and meal order. Once the food arrived 20 minutes later, the meals were cold and Mr. Wallace was informed he could not have the wine he ordered as the Olive Garden was all out of wine. He also had to request for silverware and napkins. Mr. Wallace then requested to speak to the manager regarding the ordeal. The manager also appeared annoyed that they were in the dining room so late in the evening, but did have the kitchen replace only his meal and the rest of the family ate theirs cold. The family then waited another 15 minutes for the check, but it never came. Mr. Wallace had to go back to the bar to request the manager and the check and was rudely confronted by the manager for doing so. The family left well after 10 o’clock on a Tuesday night not happy with their service and not given even a free drink for the huge inconvenience that it caused. Case Analysis: Identifying the Critical Issues

As I read through the Olive Garden Restaurants...
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