Olive Garden

Topics: Italian cuisine, Pasta, Olive oil Pages: 3 (873 words) Published: March 30, 2012
When my stomach is growling with hunger and my friends ask where I want to eat, without a moment‘s hesitation I reply, “Olive Garden!” My favorite restaurant to dine at is the Olive Garden. The Olive Garden restaurant is a well known corporate chain of restaurants that offers a wide variety of Italian dishes. It is a mid-priced, causal restaurant specializing in Italian food. I love the experience of dining at the Olive Garden because the atmosphere is welcoming, the Italian Entrees are scrumptious, and the service is excellent. A particular visit last month proved to me that Olive Garden lives up to the expectations of its guests.

Olive gardens creed of “Treating you like you’re family” is true for me. The friendliness of the workers allowed me to feel relaxed like I was at home. The chatter from various tables became a bit loud at times, but gave me the feeling of being with a large Italian family eating great food having a good time. The walls had very decorative décor and made me feel like I was in an Italian marketplace. While pulling into the oversized parking lot, the first thing I noticed was all the landscaping and how well it was maintained. I found the overall restaurant very well maintained and clean, although the floors were a little on the messy side. Olive Garden offers a wide variety menu of Italian specialties. They were all at affordable prices. First, I started off with an appetizer. I ordered the “create a sampler” where you can set up two or three different appetizers on one plate. For example, calamari, stuffed mushrooms, fried zucchini, chicken fingers, fried mozzarella or toasted meat ravioli. Next was the hearty soup, garden-fresh salads, and of course the freshly-baked garlic breadsticks. Whiles I was taking a look at the menu I could smell the breadsticks. Mmmm… I can almost taste those steamy fluffy breadsticks now! It contained a wide range of lasagna, chicken parmesan, seafood, and pastas. Choosing only one entrée was...
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