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By badtemper Feb 16, 2014 512 Words
Intro: Being the eldest sister in a small family has proven to be a challenge. Learning to be responsible is the hardest part about being an older sister. She becomes endowed with the expectation of making decisions knowthing they affect not only herself, but her younger sibling as well. (she has to face many hardships and live up to the high expectations of her parents) She is aware that as she grows and learns, her siblings do so through her as well. She is careful to make mature and unselfish decisions, the right decisions, knowing that her siblings will want to do the same. But being an older sister doesn't just mean setting a good example. It means protecting your younger siblings and doing what you can to help them because it is in your power to do so. (Continue on about being protective and ways youve helped your sister) One of the most important responsibilites of the eldest sister, is learning to take charge when necessary. (talk about situations where stepping in as an authority figure could be needed) (She becomes the person she wants her siblings to be, and the person they need her to be.) -most parents at one point in your life usually ask/ request their first born to look after/guide their younger sibliings, this requires -managing school, chores and other sisterly responsibilities- P1: Responsibility- Being the rolemodel, mature, making the right decisions. high expections. have to help with younger siblings. being the bodygaurd because no one could mess with them but you. expected to be in charge of siblings. While being the eldest sister teaches you to be a mature and responsible adult, there are consequently some sacrifices that must be made as well. in growing up so quickly, the eldest sister loses out on parts of her childhood as well. There is minimal room for mistakes and learning from them, the care and safety of her siblings takes precidence over any kind of social life, and privacy becomes a thing of imagination. (Talk about making good decisions and avoiding mistakes, why you couldnt afford to make mistakes) The eldest sister has to sacrifice time she could spend with friends in order to stay at home with her sister and watch over her. Being social is a big part of the devolopment of one's personality, so the lack of sociality can make becoming the person she needs to be even more difficult. (continue on with more details and examples) Privacy is a luxioury to the eldest sister. With the younger siblings always at arm's length away, they know everything you do, and are unable to keep a secret. (Go on to explain why it is difficult to have no privacy) P2: Sacrafices- privacy, social life.

P3: independence- leadership
P4: patience

they follow you everywhere. couldnt keep secrets because they would run back to parents. blamed for everything,even if you weren’t the one at fault, “you are older and you should know better.” being the bodygaurd because no one could mess with them but you

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