Older Women, Younger Men

Topics: Want, Age disparity in sexual relationships, Gender Pages: 2 (789 words) Published: September 29, 2010
Older Women, Younger Men
Should They Pursue Relationships?
Older men, dating younger women has always been socially accepted by American society standards, but when it came to an older woman dating a younger man, the relationship was a subject with great potential for controversy, of which society mainly disapproved but loved to talk about. But now, times have changed and society it getting used to the idea of younger men dating and even marrying older women. This trend of age differences with the woman being older is not only being seen more and more in Hollywood but also in rural and urban America. “Mrs. Robinson,” “cradle robber,” and the “oh so popular” term “cougar,” is used to describe an older women dating significantly younger men. So, with being on two different levels in life, and normally the older woman being so much more established, should she pursue a relationship with a man 10-20 years her jr? This essay will explore the pros and cons of this type relationship. While some will say that some young men are attracted to an older woman's maturity, others will argue sex is the only reason a younger man will want to go out with an older woman. One may feel that the different priorities in life will disable a relationship as such. The mature woman may be ready to settle down, but he might feel too young for that. Also, some young men may have a lack of career direction. They are still exploring and don't have any clear direction about what they want to do in life. There’s always the possibility he could end the relationship at any time. If he hasn’t had a lot of time to explore, he’s still trying to figure out where he wants to go and where he wants to be. He may want kids later, which the woman may be pass that point in her life. As for the older woman, there are several issues that might complicate the relationship, but the biggest one is her ability to have kids. In fact, if she is still able to have kids and does...
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