Old Trafford

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1.0 Introduction
The tourist destination that I would like to discuss in my report is Old Trafford Stadium from Manchester. The reason that I choose Old Trafford Stadium for this report is because Manchester United Football Club is one of the world largest and most successful football clubs and the fans supporters are all over the world .The purpose for this report is to discuss about the critical analysis of the communication activity of the selected destination or organisation from the perspective of the tourist decision making process. Not only that, I also try to evaluate the evaluation of the needs and expectations of the primary segment of the chosen destination or organization and the way they are addressed by them. Lastly is to analyze the analysis of the quality of the service encounter from the organization based on the personal experience. Highlighting the actual or potential quality problems that faced by the consumers belonging to other segments from the destination, make some suggestion for the organisation so that they will make some improvement. Old Trafford stadium is at Manchester and it was one of the biggest football club stadiums in United Kingdom and also to the world. It has more than 130 years of history and had earned lot of honors and trophies. Old Trafford Stadium is the official home football stadium for Manchester United Football Club. It was second largest football stadium in the United Kingdom which the largest is the Wembley Football Stadium. It also known as Theatre of Dreams by Sir Bobby Charlton, one of the legend players for the football club. It can fixed up to 75,765 of spectators at the seats and the record attendance was 76.962 spectators in one game.

2.1 A critical analysis of the communication activity of the selected destination or organization from the perspective of the tourist decision making process

Based on Mathieson & Wall’s model of tourist decision-making, the first step that tourist’s decided to visit to the Old Trafford Stadium is based on their felt of need to step into the stadium and also their travel desire to travel around inside the stadium. Basically most of the tourists who wish to visit to the Old Trafford Stadium are the Manchester United Football Club fans and also their supporters. But there also some of the tourists not the fans or supporter of the Manchester United Football Club but they just wish to visit the stadium so that they able to know more about the stadium and also some of the history of it. Beside only visit to the football field, the organisations also build a museum inside the stadium for tourists to know more about the events that used to happen in Old Trafford Stadium. It was a very good chance for those fans and supporters to go in and view the glory moments of football club that they support all the time and get a closer chance to take photo with all the jerseys that used to wear by their players such as David Beckham, all the trophies that Manchester United had won before and even get a chance to visit to the players changing room. Beside the football field and the museum, tourists also can visit to the red café that located inside the stadium. Each of the chairs is unique because all the players name are printed at the chair and everyone get a chance to take photo with their favourite players but sitting on the chair. There also a megastore which located beside the entrance that allow the tourists, fans, supporters and also those who wish to purchase the stuffs that related to Manchester United Football Club such as football jersey, key rings, notebook, souvenir pins and many more. Besides, the megastore also provide the name printing services for those who which to print their name and number on the back of the jersey too.

Second step is the information collection and evaluation of image. The information of the stadium can be collected through the official website, the communities’ forums and also from those who had...

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