Old Town White Coffee Marketing Strategics

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Marketing Mix Strategics
OldTown White Coffee was commitmented elements of the Marketing Mix to create the utility for survive this highly competitive market. Elements in Marketing Mix or known as 4Ps such as: 1. Price

* Nasi Rendang Chicken - RM7.55
* Curry Mee - RM5.50
* Curry Potato Toast - RM4.80
* Kaya&Butter Toast RM2.00
* White Coffee - RM 2.00
* Ice White Coffee - Rm 2.30
* Homemade Minced Chicken with Flavoured Rice - RM8.80
* Prawn Mee - RM6.90
* Curry Chicken Toast - RM 5.30
* Ham and Cheese Polo Bun - RM 3.00
* Homemade Sticky Rice – RM 4.00
* Shredded Chicken in Koay Teow Soup
* Enrich White Coffee – RM 2.00
* Nissin Noodle with Ham&Egg - RM 5.30
* Minced Chicken With Noodle
* Javanese Mee - RM 5.30
* Cham - RM2.00
* Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun - RM5.80
* Nasi Goreng Kampung
* Asam Laksa
* Milk Tea - RM 2.00
2. Promotion
* Old Town White Coffee “ My Breakfast Promotion”
Products offered include:
* My Toast Set at RM3.90
* My MeeHoon Set at RM3.90
* My Nasi Set at RM4.90
* My Noodle Set at RM4.90
* My Western Set at RM5.90
* Add RM1 to change drink to Fresh Lemon Tea / Old Town Milk Tea / Old Town White Coffee Location:
Available at all Old Town White Coffee
* Old Town White Coffee My Launch Set
(Do take your time to enjoy our affordable lunch set)
1) My Hor Hee Set - RM 6.90
* Served with delicious fish cake slices, fish balls and fish dumplings 2) My Pan Mee Set – Rm5.90
- Enjoy it with special OLDTOWN dried shrimp chili!
3) My nasi Kampung Set - Rm9.90
4) My Curry Set – RM 8.90
5) My Fish Set – RM9.90

* My Dinner @ Old Town
* Restaurant:Old Town White Coffee @ Berjaya Times Square, Jaya One, Leisure Mall, One Utama, Pavilion KL, Sungai Wang Plaza, Summit USJ, The Mines * Valid From12/31/2009 till 1/31/2010
* Website:http://www.oldtown.com.my
* Contact:603 8061 5411 Click for Address and Reviews
My Dinner @ OldTown

My Lum Mee Set

My Curry Mee Set
My BBQ Chicken Rice Set

My Sweet & Sour Chicken Rice Set

My Chicken Chop Set

*Add RM1 to change drink
*Pepsi can be change to 7UP, 7UP Revive, Mirinda Strawberry, Kopi O or Black Tea (Hot/Cold) at no Charge.

Exclusive OldTown Year-End Pack
Get your exclusive OldTown Year-end pack for
only RM13.90. The pack includes a 2010 diary,
a table calendar and an OldTown Citizen Card - plus, offers worth up to RM191.95. * Old Town White Coffee RM1 Promotion (16/01/10-24/01/10) * Promotion issues:
144 outlets for you to take your time in… and still growing. With our latest outlet in Taman University to serve you and your family , taking your time to savour your favourite OldTown White Coffee and OldTown specialities has never been easier. * Old Town White Coffee MyLunch Supreme Set Meals

* Come over and check out the Old Town White Coffee All-New MyLunch Supreme Set Meals from only RM9.90 onwards. Meals are included Supreme Nasi Lemak, Supreme Prawn Meehoon-Mee,  Supreme Rendang Chicken Rice, Supreme Curry Mee, Supreme Asam Laksa and Supreme Javanese Mee. * Price: RM9.90 onwards

* Time: 12pm – 3pm (Monday – Friday)
* Website: www.oldtown.com.my
* Old Town White Coffee New Nyonya Set Menu 2011
Are you curious about the latest dishes and meal offered over your favorite Old Town White Coffee, if you do. It is the new Nyonya Set Menu whereby now you can enjoy the best nyonya food here which are Nyonya Curry Chicken with Flavored rice, Nyonya Assam Lemak Mee, Nyonya Curry Mee, Nyonya Assam Seafood and more. So hurry down to your nearest Old Town White Coffee outlet today to enjoy this great offer.

Promotion: 1 August 2011 – 30 September 2011
Venue: All Old Town White Coffee outlet

* Old Town White Coffee Promotion : It’s zteh Tarik...
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