Old Testament Bible Summaries

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Bible 104


Summary of the books of the Old Testament Books


The book of Exodus is a narrative account but also a book containing the laws of God. A few of the key events that happened in this book are when Moses was put in the river because of the male infant massacre commanded by the Pharaoh’s fear of the Israelites numbers, after growing in the palace Moses kills and Egyptian worker after witnessing an Israelite being beaten to death. Because of this Moses flees to the desert where he marries the daughter of Jethro, living in the desert he is called by God to rescue His people from Egypt. Thus Moses goes into Egypt and the ten plagues follow because of the hardening of the Pharaoh’s heart, the last plague being the death of the firstborn when the Angel of Death passed over the houses with the lamb’s blood on the door. During which the Israelites had the first Passover. The Israelites are released after which the Pharaoh regrets his decision and follows the people with an army. God then leads the people across the Red Sea which he miraculously divides. After this God calls Moses up into the Mountain where he is to receive the Ten Commandments, Aaron is left below with the people. During this time the people complain and ask Aaron to a golden calf, which the people worshiped. This sin angered God, and he would have destroyed them if not for Moses’s plea on their behalf. Some key personalities of this book are Moses, Miriam, Aaron, and Joshua....
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