Old Reliable Life Insurance Sales Force Systems Analysis

Topics: Customer relationship management, Sales, Customer service Pages: 3 (839 words) Published: August 23, 2012
Albert Carrasco

Chapter 2, Exercise 1
Old Reliable Life Insurance Sales Force Systems Analysis

Old Reliable Life Insurance is currently in the process of adopting a new system that will enhance their sales personnel capabilities when dealing with prospective customers and aiding in having the most update information pertaining to customer products. The Internet is a great tool that can be utilized to implement one of the following systems: virtual private network (VPN) for each sales person to the company, a Sales force Automation System(SFA), and a Customer Resource Management System (CRM). I will be discussing these systems in more detail and provide my recommendation at the end of this analysis.

A virtual private network is a method of technology that constructs a network using encryption between a remote user and a company’s computers in order to access their e-mail, and/or files. VPN’s ensure that only authorized users can access their company’s network and insuring that data cannot be intercepted. Vendors such as Symantec, Cisco, and OpenVPN provide software that uses the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol to allow remote users to have access to internal systems of their company.

VPN’s are a great way to provide the sales person with the information they need while on travel or from their home office. The Sales person can retrieve their company e-mail, download needed files from the company’s file servers and have access to the company’s database to insure they are have the most recent information. This method of technology can help reduce travel time to customer sites and reduce overhead cost my allowing the salesperson to work from home.

Sales force automation system (SFA) is an information system use in marketing and management that assists in automating some sales function. The SFA system includes a contact management system to help track all customer contact such as the purpose of the contact and if a follow up...
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