Old Person

Topics: Family, Grandparent, Friendship Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Describe an interesting old person
-          Who he is
-          Why you find him interesting
-          How he helps you
-          How often you meet him
* I have met many old persons in my life.
* Many of them have influenced me.
* But the one whom I find most interesting is my grandmother. * She is in her late 60s
* She is not very tall but very beautiful.
* Although she has a wrinkled face but she always wears a warm smile on her lips and a radiant glow on her face. * I have known her since my birth.
* I was raised by her.
* Earlier we used to live in a small village Mirzapur.
* My parents shifted to Phagwara city to expand their business. * I was left with my grandparents.
* My grandmother used to wake me up and get me ready for school. * She used to help me in studies, take me to the park, play with me and pamper me a lot. * Now that our family business is well established she too has shifted in the city with us. * She reads the paper daily and is abreast of what is happening of the world around us. * She seems to know about any topic on earth. She is very talkative and loves to chat with my friends. * My friends too are very friendly with her.

* When my father is away on business tours, she nicely runs his shop in his absence. * She is very popular among our neighbours.
* She is not just my grandmother.
* She is my friend, philosopher and guide.

Or You can get the idea from another answer
* I have met many old people in my life but I find my maternal grandmother the most interesting and here I would like to talk about her. * She lives with my maternal uncle in London, but every year comes to stay with us during my summer vacation. * She is in her late sixties.

* She has a wrinkled face but always has a warm smile on her lips. * She is very interesting as she is always willing to learn new things. * She is not like other women of her age who sit back...
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