Old People

Topics: John Wyndham, Old age, The Chrysalids Pages: 2 (741 words) Published: December 12, 2010
The book called The Chrysalids is created by John Wyndham. This book tells the reader about social life in Waknuk. Form of intolerance and discrimination can be seen through this book’s story. According to The Chrysalids, intolerance and discrimination can be very dangerous. What is the difference between intolerance and discrimination? Why intolerance and discrimination happen in Waknuk? How do intolerance and discrimination affect a person’s life in Waknuk, and how can intolerance and discrimination be an influence in society’s situation? At last, why can intolerance and discrimination can be very dangerous? All of these interesting questions will be discussed through this essay. According to A S Hornby in the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary “Intolerance is a noun from the word intolerant which means not willing to accept ideas or ways of behaving that are different from your own. Intolerance used to describe religious disapproving or intolerance; discrimination is a noun refers to the practise of treating somebody or a particular group in society less fairly in others.” Intolerance and discrimination happen in Waknuk because of a person’s age and appearance. In Waknuk old people are more respected than younger people. It happens because older people live much longer than younger people. Old people are even still being respected even though they make some mistakes. In The Chrysalids, Uncle Axel says, “For it is clear, boy, that however wonderful the Old People were, they were not too wonderful to make mistakes – and nobody knows, or is ever likely to know, where they were wise and where they were mistaken.” (page 79) Uncle Axel points out the importance of old people. Intolerance and discrimination can affect a person’s life. When David explores a big room in Waknuk, he finds out a wood that is crafted with a sentence that says, “The norm is the will of God, and, reproduction is the only holy production and, the devil is the father of...
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