Old Milon

Topics: English-language films, Kill, Death Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: February 22, 2006
The Spiteful Milon
Spite is Milons strongest characteristic. In this story he says "He lived to kill Prussians" solely for revenge of his father and sons death. To go so far as to say the only reason he is living is to kill sixteen soldiers purely out of ill will. The Old Mans first and most gruesome murder was the way he brutally decapitated the victim with his sithe. The fact that he did so violently, shows his devote hatred and disgust towards any and all Prussians. After killing the first Prussian victim, he later killed two more Prussian soldiers. During this heartless slaughter he slit the throats of the two soldiers and their horses after they were dead. He was being exceedingly vengeful through this act; it seemed purely for his own amusement and satisfaction. At his trial, knowing that he accomplished what he had set to do, he spits in the Colonels face after he offered the old man sympathy. His act of spitting in the Colonel's face is primarily to seize one last opportunity of revenge by embarrassing the Colonel in front of all his men. The Colonel tries giving him a second chance, but again he spits in his face to make sure he knew the first time was not an accident. His method of refusal, spitting in the Colonel's face, also conveys that he would rather be killed than to receive clemency from a Prussian. Old Milon avenged the death of his father and son, with tenacity and spite.
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