Old Kingdom Science and Technology

Topics: Old Kingdom, Ancient Egypt, Egyptian pyramids Pages: 3 (1032 words) Published: March 27, 2011
During the Old Kingdom of Egypt, the science and technology was still developing and improving. The study of science and medicine were closely linked to religion as seen in many of the ancient rituals. The "pouring" and "anointing" we see in so many Egyptian works is the application of electromagnetic forces and not the application of actual fluids. Much of this was linked with 'magic' of some sort - as many unexplained things did occur. These were often considered miracles. They considered alchemy a science, perhaps the science of immortality eternal life. Alchemy as a transition metal both physical and metaphysical would take many turns in the millennia that would follow. Transition metals turning base metals into gold and alchemy of consciousness moving from physical reality to that of higher frequency. Alchemy in ancient Egypt was about Magic, Magicians, Priests, Thoth and Hermes who were Merlin and later Zoroaster (Magi) the magicians who created a reality based on electromagnetic energies duality polarity magnets magic mathematical patterns that repeat in the spiralling concept of time. Scenes depict scientists of that timeline able to work in fields of alchemy, biology, chemistry, dentistry, anaesthesiology, air flight, and the electromagnetic energies of the Great Pyramid among other sacred sites - how that link together and to the sacred geometry that forms our universe. The earliest physician whose name has been recorded, Imhotep," was the wazir of Djoser, founder of the Third Dynasty, in the thirtieth century. Imhotep was a learned man, astronomer, and physician. In later times he was worshiped as a hero, as a blameless physician, and later still as the god of medicine, the prototype of Asclepios (even as the learned God Thoth was the prototype of Hermes and Mercury). We know precious little about Imhotep's medical knowledge but his apotheosis is significant and we may well take him at the Egyptian valuation as the first great man in medicine. That...

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