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Topics: Twitter, Social network service, Farhad Manjoo Pages: 3 (972 words) Published: November 28, 2010
To Tweet, or Not to Tweet

My sixty-two year old father asked me about “tweeting” several weeks ago. Naturally, I thought to myself, what the hell is my father doing asking me about twitter, he doesn’t even own a computer. I assumed that he had seen a newspaper article about it or heard it on the news. I stood correct. Twitter has become new media phenomenon and let’s be honest- who doesn’t have a Twitter account these days? In defense of Twitter by Caroline McCarthy and Do I Really Have To Join Twitter? By Farhad Manjoo were two articles that struck me as captivating.

Personally, I’ve never found twitter all that appealing, and yet I still have an account. However, I am happy to report I’ve only “tweeted” twice in the past year. As soon as I created my account, I immediately regretted it. I wasn’t too fond of the idea that people were going to be “following” my tweets and they would be updated with unnecessary complaints or food choices of the day. Farhad Manjoo seems to share similar thoughts on the subject. “Commited Twitterers argue that the 140-character-or-less tweet represents the next great mode of human communication…Wait a minute-you want me to keep a perpetual log of my boring life for all of the world to see?” I agree. Twitter allows complete strangers to stalk your ideas and involve themselves in learing about your personal life. Creepy? Just a little. Manjoo argues whether or not there is a point to Twitter, needless to say, not one valid point was made.

Manjoo’s article made a second compelling point. It is an alien form of communication. “Micro-blogging mixes up features of e-mail, IM, blogs, and social networks to create something not just novel but also confusing, an doing it well takes some time and patience.” I’ve seen my friends on their Twitter accounts, and they will sit in front of their computer for ten minutes or so, just to write a three sentence statement about their life, trying to make themselves sound a lot more intriguing...
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