Old Earth vs Young Earth DB 1 Completed

Topics: Science, Scientific method, Creationism Pages: 4 (1067 words) Published: June 1, 2015
No one wants to be on the losing end of an argument. In order to be the successor of a debate, one needs to enter into the discussion with at least as much if not more knowledge pertaining to the subject matter as their opponent. In some cases, the individual who is most persuasive in presenting their case will be victorious, even if their views are not completely supported by the facts. Being equipped with little knowledge and half-truths is often better than not being prepared at all! Entering a debate in this manner is equivalent to taking a major test after studying little or none of the appropriate material. With so little knowledge to work with, one is ill-prepared to present and defend their views to others, and as such, subjects themselves to failure. So, what can one do to ensure that their worldview is not only correct, but also able to hold up against scrutiny from others? The best way to prepare for such a scenario is to be well versed in the subject at hand, and from all perspectives. We all have varying opinions, whether right or wrong, pertaining to all aspects of life. But what are those opinions based upon? Is the worldview in which one believes in based on facts, or is it merely a philosophy that one follows simply because they were told that it is true, or that the view is in line with the majority? It is my belief that only when an individual obtains all relevant facts available to them pertaining to a situation can they form a viewpoint that is not only reliable and accurate, but will also weather scrutiny and opposition.

I believe that God is the Divine Creator of all things. That being said, I also held the viewpoint that while the Bible is always true and that modern science oftentimes will contradict Scripture, there must be a loophole or common ground in which both views could be validated. I also found myself believing that one could and should use science to prove that what was written in the Bible is true. I now realize that this...

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