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Topics: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kushan Empire Pages: 4 (541 words) Published: May 4, 2014

Muhammad III bin Tughluq ruled
much of India from 1325 to
1351AD. He was a scholar,
calligrapher and an innovative
monarch. Unfortunately he did
not always consider the
consequences of his innovations.
Vast amounts of his treasury was
spent trying to expand and
consolidate his realm. This only
encouraged numerous revolts
throughout his realm. He forcibly
moved his entire capital and all its
inhabitants from Delhi to a more
central location in the Deccan of
central India. Unfortunately there
was insufficient water to support
the population, and the capital was
returned to Delhi two years later,
with great suffering and loss of life
of the citizens. About 1330AD he
tried to replace the silver Tanka
with this brass Tanka, in an effort
to boost his treasury. The brass
Tanka has beautiful calligraphy on
both sides, with legends to
encourage its citizens to accept the
debased currency. His unhappy
citizens, forced to accept this token
coinage, soon started to counterfeit
them in vast numbers. Foreign
traders would not accept the brass
Tankas Within a few years he was
forced to return to the silver Tanka,
redeeming both real and fake brass
Tankas at a great cost to his
treasury. It is reported that a
“mountain” of these brass Tankas
remained lying outside the
sultanate’s treasuries for over a
century. The coins grade Fine to
Very Fine with some green patina.
The Kushan Empire covered much
what is now Afghanistan, Pakistan
and Northern India from about the
first to the third century AD. They
grew wealthy controlling trade
centers on the Silk Road and on the
Indus River and incorporated
elements of the Greek, Roman,
Chinese, Persian, Indian and other
cultures into their lives. Their
coins incorporate Greek designs and
often use a corrupted Greek
alphabet in the legends. We offer
a well made bronze Tetradrachms
of Kushan...
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