Old Buildings

Topics: Paris, Eiffel Tower, Tourism Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: July 8, 2013
Old buildings are symbol of cities. Some old buildings have history meaning or the icon of cities. In present, development causes the city develop fast and many old building have been demolished. Although some people think old buildings make cities ugly and should be demolished, it will be argued that the old building should be preserved because of three reasons: old buildings has historical value, it can improve tourism, and it can improve the confidence of local people. The first reason of old building saving is that a part of history people can remembered and learn it. There are many old buildings which have important history and story can be used in people teaching. When people see these buildings will be recalled in the architectural history of the story, some buildings warning the world do not repeat the mistakes of the past, some buildings are to commemorate the historical event that has a positive meaning. For example, the pyramids of Egypt (HISTORY OF EGYPT. (n.d.)). are mysterious and ancient, but mark a end of slavery society with bloody and dark. The other example is the Place de la Concorde in France. The square marked the beginning of the world revolution, but also teaching people should struggle for democracy and freedom. All in all, old buildings not only historical significance, but also can develop the tourism industry. Another reason of retain the old building is that it may attract more tourist to the city and the popularity of the city will be growing at the same time. The best way to know a place is tourism, and ancient buildings is an indispensable element in the tourism industry. The local tourism industry would be greatly improved due to the tourist that has been attracted by the artistic value and the historical significance, at the same time, the economy of the city may also be increased. Such as, Tiananmen square, the Eiffel Tower in Paris (Eiffel Tower — History.com Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts. (n.d.)) , the Greek temple,...

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