Old and New Technology

Topics: USB flash drive, Floppy disk, IPod Touch Pages: 1 (126 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Old technology v/s New technology

Olden times we use floppy disk now we are using pen drives
Olden times we read books now kindle only holds 1400 books
Olden times 32 cassette holds 480 now a small iPod holds 480 songs Olden times a film cartridge records 2.5 minutes at 24 frames per second , now we can record 2.25hours of footage at 30 fps In 1885 Kodak box camera no.1 came with films of 100 exposures but now a Smartphone can hold 10,000 photos (depending on megapixels and storage) In 1990s we use books to write any information or data now we are using cloud storages for storing data. Early we have typing phones now we have touch phones.

Early we walk to go to a place now we are using cycles, bikes, cars etc.
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